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Destination Wedding Planner Venice

Venice with its gondola, which are very singular and “strange” boats, bridges and typical streets is absolutely unique in the world. This is why many couples both Italian or from all over the world decide to marry in this unforgettable city.

Venice is one of the most luxury wedding destinations because this town is an unbelievable jewel and a marriage in Venice is absolutely nowhere else on earth due to its glamour and its sophisticated allure.

This jewel on the water offers countless varieties of locations: not only palaces and luxury or prestigious hotels watching Canal Grande but also “hidden” gardens and 124 marvelous, colored and perfumed isles thanks to a still unspoiled nature.
You know…In Venice there are 148 churches!

Venice is only 5 kms long but it has the numbers to satisfy any exigencies.

To merry in Venice is a dream and the seal of a great love story. And nothing is more important than the destination when it comes to planning your wedding. The beautiful canals that frame this floating city, the sights, and sounds, make it one of the most romantic cities in the world.

I must be sincere with you, Venice is not an easy town to visit but don’t worry I am here to help you out. 

Venice is my town, the town where I live and I know very well all its dynamics. Believe me! Your wedding day will be just like the one of your personal dream. I love my land for its romanticism, history, style, culture, landscapes, food and wine. That’s the reason why my weddings are real Venetian and Veneto experiences where my clients can love and live Italy during their staying.

With my team I offer a boutique service and a unique planning experience for couples getting married in Italy, by providing the best full wedding planning service.

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