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Getting married in Verona

Verona is known as the town of love thanks to Juliet ‘s balcony and the famous tragedy written by Shakespeare! But Verona is also one of the most beautiful towns in Italy and here below I am proud to give you a perfect  description of the town written by Guido Piovene:

“Verona is known as romantic and pictoresque and therefore also dialectal; it is a great town, capital and province at the same time.”

Verona develops and gives a particular charme : i like to compare it to a woman of a certain age full of experience but still young inside and in her behaviour. Verona has a very long historical experience starting from the roman empire through the entire history until nowadays but always keeping its unique class and making you feel comfortable while you walk through its squares and its streets full of arts and crafts.

Adige river will be your attendant in your tour giving you romantic and striking perspectives!

The several locations on the territory  make Verona one of the most fascinating places  in Veneto because it is  near to other very important cities  easy to reach .

I would like also to let  you know all the other and many possibilities, styles and solutions which from the town of Verona arrive at the fabulous Garda lake going through the splendid Valpolicella . What about?


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