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Getting married in Vicenza

To walk in the centre of Vicenza is true exciting and emotional.  Piazza dei Signori, the city lounge, is a pure architectural armony and it is fantastic for the art lovers who can dive into the visits of the Basilica Palladiana, the Olympic Theatre and Chiericati Palace.

Vicenza is in fact the town of the great architect Andrea Palladio who is the planner and designer of the most beautiful villas in the Vicenza territory.  To get married in Vicenza means to immerse yourselves in its prestigious locations where you will be able to realize a very elegant , charming and  stylish  wedding day.

There is a poem “Kissing Vicenza” which perfectly describes the town and its territory:

” Vicenza,

you are a gem of water to be enjoyed slowly slowly,

without letting the ghost of  rush devours our life ”

In fact the architecture of Palladio Villas deserves to be admired slowly in order to fully enjoy the pureness of its beauty.

The territory of this town is also famous for the near walled cities such as Marostica and Bassano Del Grappa situated in the foothills area and where you can find splendid locations which offer an elegant historic taste together with an industrial important touch.

Do you wish I guide you in the selection of the proper and appropriate location for your wedding in Vicenza?

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