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C+SHangar urban wedding: a designer love story

Chiara e Sandro

Hangar urban wedding: a designer love story

Traveling is one of the best and interesting experiences of our life.  

There are travels that can change our life; many of us spend its free time flying towards new destinations.

It’s never too late to get on board and starting over. Someone wrote:

” I learned to toast the doors closed, the roads stopped, the stories ended because it is in the end of things that new beginnings start all over again” 

Working on this project has been exciting.  I knew, i figured out that it had to be something new and unique. 

The aim of this project was for me to elevate the theme of the travel in weddings towards a more modern, symbolic and cultured dimension. 


Getting married with someone is a travel. Travels and love have many things in common.

As our love life, some travels are made of long waiting times but also of meetings that can change our life; traveling is to see the world with different eyes exactly like when you are in love with someone; for every end there is always a new beginning, a new strength for leaving again towards a new love story; a travel is made of connections and culture but a travel, like love, is also an inner eye matter.


In order to emphasize the modernity of the project I focused on colors yellow, grey and teal. The red color and orange have warmed and matched the whole scenography.

Since I’m a very passionate of art I decided to make a tribute to Jackson Pollock: florist Elisa Vanin hand painted the stained table with the main colors of the project. These stains have a high symbolic value in this project because stains are something dynamic like a travel and like a love story. Every stain is different from each other because every human being has his own personality and his own way to approach life and love. Moreover we change during our life so we don’t remain the same person.

Also the stationary, designed by Enza Valente, has been stained in order to emphasize this concept of dynamism. 

The photographer Matteo Michelino has exalted the modern and urban strength of the shooting maintaining the romanticism that a wedding deserves.  A touch of fashion in many portraits was essential for this modern shooting.

A touch of glam on the flute glasses corner is always necessary: even for an urban project.

“The modern artist is working with space and time and expressing his feelings rather than illustrating

Jackson Pollock


Claudia Carrara


Art director, concept, table set up, planning : Claudia Carrara 

Photograhy : Matteo Michelino Street Wedding Photography

Location : Infinite Area

Floral Set Up: Elisa Vanin Anneris Flower Farm

Graphic : Enza Valente 

Bridal dress : Elodie Bride

Make Up and Hair Styling : Keti Brusegan

Sweets : Michela Cake Designer 

Special thanks to Chiara Canzian and Sandro Cisolla

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